Re: Removing already generated keys

"J9" == thecoolone <jahan9@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

J9> Here is the scenario. I have 2 servers serv1 and serv2. Previously
J9> i had a crontab in serv4 that backed data from serv1 with login as
J9> "thecoolone" on both servers. And this crontab was functioning
J9> properly before. Now i tried to make a new crontab in serv4 under
J9> a new login "user1" and the same login "thecoolone" on
J9> serv1. After i made this crontab and tried to execute both the old
J9> one and the one i just created, neither of them work. And so i
J9> want to remove the entry (i.e public key copy and authorized_keys
J9> entry) that i made on serv1 under "thecoolone" login so that
J9> atleast the crontab that was working before starts working again.

J9> Anyone know how to do that ??

Note that it is not necessary to copy the public key file to the remote
side; just to include the key in the remote authorized_keys file.

If all you did to the "thecoolone" account was edit the authorized_keys
file, perhaps you messed up the format in doing so? Be careful that each
entry is only one line and does not get broken up by an editor.

Richard Silverman