Re: Putty - pscp - "Connection Time out"

Chuck <skilover_nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Todd H. wrote:
Simon Tatham <anakin@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Todd H. <comphelp@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Unlike command line scp, pscp lacks a -P port parameter (at least hte
version I have handy),
What version is that? The -P option has been in PSCP since version
0.48, which was the first released version of PSCP at all!

Heh... that's the one! Typing long pscp commands in cmd.exe ws
something I only had patience for once before jupming to cygwin. :-)

Thanks for the info though!

Install the cygwin version of openssh. Then openssh equivalent command
won't be much different though.

Heh... must've missed my mention of cygwin. :-)

Todd H.