Re: Urgent!!! My computer seems to be hacked, pls HELP!!!

Chris Mattern <syscjm@xxxxxxx> writes:

René Berber wrote:
Darren Dunham wrote:

Unless the CD nukes any unknown (read non-OS) executable on the drive or
you have some known state to compare against (a la tripwire), I don't
see how you can effectively check a drive. It's certainly possible, but
requires you've done work before the attack. Afterward is too late.
Not true, and it really makes no sense continuing to discuss this.

Yes, true. Once a hacker gains root access to your box, you cannot
trust *any* program or library on it again. I thought this would've
been almost self-evident, but I guess it isn't to some people.

Instead of both sides making empty claims, why not back the claims up
with some specific, concrete examples or possibilities? I for one
would love to see how these "rootkits" accomplish their nasty tricks,
and would like to try my mind at defeating them.
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