Re: which is better libssh or libssh2

It is not a class assignment

And the choice of sftp is more so because of security rather than
performance and speed which will not be a issue since this is going to
work on a intranet.And script is also out of question because of some
external interfaces.

I just wanted an opinion about libssh & libssh2.Are these libraries
stable enough to be used in a 24x7 operation?


Unruh wrote:
"shyam" <shyam.geek@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Unruh wrote:
"shyam" <shyam.geek@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


I am about to start writing a module for bulk transfer of files using

I cant use scripts due to some performance issues amongst others
Going through the web I found libssh and linssh2 API available.

But as per my knowledge these are not available with REDHAT enterprise
linux , which is the OS I am going to develop the module.

Not sure. They are available to mandriva and have been since 2005 (10.2)
You do not tell us which version of Enterprise.

It is version 3 of enterprise linux

Anyway ssh2 is the more recent one and fixes severe secrurity holes in
ssh from what I know. But why would you write your own implimentation of

I am not planning to write my own implementation but trying to use the
available APIs

It is hard to imagine where any performance issues would make writing
your own better than useing someone elses stuff. The internet is not that
fast-- ie, transmission timing will swamp any script issues. And sftp is
probably one of the slowest ways. Why not use scp or rsync instead.
Espacially rsync if you are transfering the same files over and over.

Its the requirement that I use only sftp and not scp or others

Is this a class assignment? If not whoever set the specifications does not
know what they are talking about. Just write a script and when it runs
slowly tell them that it is because sftp is being used as they required. If
they want something that works, use a better transfer protocol

Can anybody suggest which one is better option