Re: SFTP without service on host PC

RoadWarrior wrote:
This is helpful, thanks. Half of the machines are Windows XP and the
other half are Linux (Ubuntu). I would love to use the built-in
features of the OS' file sharing, but I've not be able to access the
machines that way when I'm on the road. I'll typically SSH in and will
need to access files on remote machines. That would have been helpful
to mention in my original post, I know.

If there were something that would interact with the standard file
sharing within each OS, I'd be more than happy to use that. I tried
the VPN route, but it added so much overhead and was a gigantic pain to
set up.


set up a single vpn server (linux if possible) then use vtund. About as simple as you can get. No overhead to speak of and takes about 15 minutes to set up the first time, and about 1 minute thereafter. Set up routes and if you really want you can set up samba to forward netbios requests...


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