Re: SFTP without service on host PC

Todd H. wrote:
gmalbert@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I currently have an SSH server set up on my router, though I've had
it set up on a PC in the past. I connect via SSH2 with pub/private

What I want to do is use a program like Filezilla to transfer files
from PCs on the same network as the SSH server, but not on the same
PC. In other words, if I have SSH on PC-A, I'd like to connect to
PC-B (same network) and pull/push files to it.

Is that possible to do w/o SSH on the second PC (PC-B, in my case)?
If so, how do I do it? If not, is there an easy way to implement it?
I'd prefer not to install SSH on every PC, and I don't want to have
an FTP server up on every PC.

What OS are these PC's each running?

Any reason you're hesitant to using the OS's built file sharing

There may be reasons to implement an ssh server if you're wanting to
implement strict security and control over the file transferring, but
depending on your environment, this may be overkill.

Cygwin with rsync over SSH is also very effective if you just want to push
snapshots of the contents of client machines.