Re: How to kill a background ssh process?

Darren Tucker wrote:
On 2006-08-18, clodoaldo.pinto@xxxxxxxxx <clodoaldo.pinto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I need to have a background ssh tunnel.

It is setup like this:
$ ssh -n -N -C -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" -L 5433:localhost:5432 &

It needs to eventually be killed and restarted with another server IP.
What I'm doing is sending it a SIGTERM and it works but leaves a
defunct process. This is not too big a deal but I want it clean.

So whatever's spawning ssh isn't catching the SIGCHLD when it exits and
wait()ing for the exit status?

Exactly. I just wait()ed for the exit status and all is good now.

Thanks, Clodoaldo PInto


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