Re: McAfee and CygWin SSH

Darren Tucker wrote:
On 2006-08-17, Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Darren Tucker wrote:
This is the point where sshd re-execs itself to handle the new
connection. I suspect that this is failing for because of some
change that occurred when you installed the software (PATH, maybe?)

You can prevent the re-exec by adding "-r" to sshd's command line.

OK, that worked. So it looks like's definitely happening at the
re-exec, darn it. I'm not familiar enough Windows internals to get
into this, and my raw SSH coding is pretty rusty. Any ideas other
than "run it from inetd"?

You can run sshd as a daemon with -r too.

It seemed to exit after a single connection. I'm wondering if I should try
running out of inetd.

(Dig, dig, dig.)

Ahh, that only happened if I used the "-d" option as well. It seems to be
operating now by using the flags "-D -r" instead of just -D, which is what
CygWin's ssh-host-config sets it up for.

Hmm. Is this a change that should be pushed through CygWin's setup tools?
And to the manpage for sshd?


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