port forwarding with binding to specific IP on remote host

Hi all,

I want to establish an SSH tunnel. The remote host of
the SSH connection has two IP addresses that may be used
for outgoing connections. I want the ssh-tunnel to use
the non-default connection for the "forwarded" connection:

local host has IP

remote host has IPs (eth0) and (eth0:1).

I want to establish a tunnel from to using the remote host's IP

When I use

ssh -L 1234: root@xxxxxxxxx

the connection from my client host to the remote host
is established *to* IP (of course), but the
host sees IP as source IP for my
connection. But I want it to see as source IP.

Is it possible to solve this with pure ssh-magic, or
do I have to create iptables rules or special routing
table entries for this?

Thanks and best regards

Dipl. Inf. (FH) Stefan Palme

email: kleiner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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