Re: Benefits of VNC over RDP


For one thing, VNC has known bugs in Windows, some of them fairly severe (like a
grayed out login screen until you reboot the box.) See the project's site for a
list of reported (and unfixed) bugs. I eventually ditched VNC and went to RDP
exclusively because of this.

RDP tends to be lower bandwidth, better quality, and faster response than VNC.
The traffic is also encrypted by default so you don't need to tunnel it with SSH
like you do for VNC. You can also share resources like drives, printers,
sounds, etc. However, RDP isn't available on all versions of Windows which is a
major drawback and an advantage for VNC. There is an RDP client for Linux which
seems to work well when connecting to Windows boxes.

"darkmoo" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've seen alot of outsourced IT companies use VNC on every machine they
remotely manage for client sites. Whats the benefit of using VNC
(tightvnc) over RDP?