Re: public key problems OpenSSH3.8.1p1 to Sun_SSH_1.1

On 2006-08-01, Dan <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I did wonder about the PAM config (not something I'm familiar with at all)
Do you know if Sun_SSH_1.1 should have some explicit PAM config
for ssh? I compared a solaris10 pam.conf with a solaris8 and neither have
explicit entries for ssh, although public key authentication works fine on
the sol8 box.

If it doesn't have an explicit entry from sshd-pubkey then it will default
to using the "other" service.

I can't find any PAM or general authentication errors in
/var/adm/, /var/log/ etc.

Any idea what the sshd-pubkey PAM entry would look like? if I knew which
module to point it at, I think I could enable debug

I don't have Solaris 10 but assuming the pam.conf in the OpenSolaris cvs
tree is the same, then all you'd need to do is copy all of the "other"
lines and replace "other" with "sshd-pubkey".

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