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Mike Lowery wrote:

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I can bypass the firewall of my university using putty and the proxy
setting to connect to an smtp server. I can type in smtp commands in
the putty window and it work great, but is it possible for me to
somehow connect my thunderbird client to putty so that I can use my
mailclient to send my mails instead.



This sounds like a simple port forwarding issue.

From the Putty configuration window goto:

In the "Add new Forwarded port:" enter these ports:
Source ports:
25 (smtp traffic for sendinf mail)
110 (pop3 for recieving mail)

destination would be if the machine your connecting to is the mail server. Otherwise enter the IP address of the mail server in the destination box.

With these settings in place open a putty session as you did before and try using Thunderbird.

Note Thunderbird will need to be configured to uses an SMTP server at and a pop3 server at

( is the local host.)