Re: after solaris 8 restore on different server - openssh refuses to start: PRNG is not seeded

On 2006-05-31, Tom V <tvanover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We have restored a solaris 8 system on another server (same model),
everything is fine, except that the ssh daemon refuses to start. It gives
the error 'PRNG is not seeded'.
While googling, i've found many references to the random device that
doesn't exist (it does on my server), or on a patch that would be
necessary, but as we're talking about a restore from a system where sshd
was working, i think i need to look in another direction ?

No, that's probably the problem. You need to install patch 112438-03 (*and
reboot*, if you haven't already).

If that's not it, make sure that /dev/random and friends exist and are
readable (on Solaris they're usually symlinks pointing to the real device
nodes under /devices someplace, so check these too).

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