Re: Passing variables to remote hosts through ssh

Earthdog <nobody@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:


I have a central administration server that has root-level public key
access to my other hosts. I run scripts that use ssh to execute commands
on all my hosts. How do I pass variables through ssh?

For example, suppose I want to create a directory called /tmp/newdir on
100 hosts:



for i in `cat /long/list/of/hosts`

ssh $i '/usr/bin/mkdir /tmp/$DIRNAME'

This doesn't work, because $DIRNAME doesn't get passed to the remote host.
How can I make it work without hardcoding newdir in the ssh line?

change the ' to "
' says do not expand the stuff inside. " says do expand the stuff inside So
if you do
ssh $i "/usr/bin/mkdir /tmp/$DIRNAME"
the $DIRNAME will be expanded to newdir on the local machine.


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