Re: Is there a way to speed up and resume a SSH X forwarding session from a disconnection?

"ANTant" == ANTant <ANTant@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

ANTant> Interesting. I did briefly try it on LAN at home. It was a
ANTant> little slow even at 100mb/sec, but doable. I haven't tried it
ANTant> over the Internet nor configured the SSH encryption for
ANTant> it. How do I access my current X session? Right now I am at
ANTant> work, my X is running idled with its Xscreensaver running. How
ANTant> do I access that session instead of a new X session?

You would not do this with a "real" X server; you would use the VNC
"virtual" X server, which has a virtual display which you view with the
VNC client.

Richard Silverman


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