Re: Is there a way to speed up and resume a SSH X forwarding session from a disconnection?

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ANTant> I fell in love with this X forwarding method with SSH between
ANTant> two Linux boxes. I love being able to access my home Linux box
ANTant> and from my Linux machine (actually in a VMware v5.5.1, but it
ANTant> works well).

ANTant> I did get a nasty two minutes lag. I thought I was going to
ANTant> lose my connection since I couldn't ping my home
ANTant> connection. If there were to be a disconnection, is it
ANTant> possible to resume the SSH X forwarding session I made
ANTant> earlier? Or do I have to make a new session and reopen all my
ANTant> programs again?

A neat approach to this is to use VNC server on the remote Unix box, and
connect to it with a VNC client. All your X clients talk to the VNC
server process on the same machine. You can connect and disconnect to it
as you like with your VNC client, and not disturb your "X state" at all.

Interesting. I did briefly try it on LAN at home. It was a little slow even at 100mb/sec, but
doable. I haven't tried it over the Internet nor configured the SSH encryption for it. How do I
access my current X session? Right now I am at work, my X is running idled with its Xscreensaver
running. How do I access that session instead of a new X session?

This is especially nice for Windows clients, since it means you can reboot
your Windows box as many times as Bill deems necessary, and not disturb
your X session. :)

Heh. :)
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