Re: Any public port forwarding servers available ?

jonas.cord@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,

To explain my scenario here in brief --

I have my host behind a corporate firewall as part of the company
network. POP3 port is blocked by the firewall. To reach to my gmail POP
server -- I will need setup port forwarding on some external host
(outside the firewall and with direct access to internet).

From my local windows host -- I would generate the pop traffic on port
21 or 8080 (which will be allowed by my firewall) -- this pop traffic
will be targeted to the FORWARDING_SERVER -- which takes my pop traffic
and forwards it to the Gmail server on 995 port.

My question here is -- Are there any public FORWARDING_SERVERs
available ?

Free or priced. either is okay.

Thanks for any info.


Do you have a computer at home with broadband? Run an ssh server there.
It's easier to set up than you might think. And it's also free.