Re: SFTP and recursive putting?

Naah i want to keep it small so it works on almost every system as long as it has OpenSSH and bash installed ;)

Thanks anyway :)

Richard E. Silverman schrieb:
"FB" == Franz Bettag <stylewarz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

FB> Hi there, i want to put a whole folder with it's contents but this
FB> won't work because i always get: skipping non-regular file
FB> backup-data

FB> backup-data is the folder i want to put. Anyways in the Manpage of
FB> sftp it says that i can pass some flags:

FB> put [flags] local-path [remote-path] Upload local-path and store
FB> it on the remote machine. If the remote path name is not
FB> specified, it is given the same name it has on the local machine.
FB> If the -P flag is specified, then the file's full permission and
FB> access time are copied too.

FB> After reading the sourcecode it doesn't look like that someone
FB> intendet to do an "mput" function, there seems to be only this -P
FB> flag.

FB> Anyways, maybe i missunderstood or misread something, any ideas or
FB> solutions for that? :)

FB> Thanks!

rsync -e ssh


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