Re: PuTTY/pscp/won't transfer any file unless its permisson on server is 777, option?T

"Chuck" <skilover_nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Marty Meyers wrote:
TIA for any help,
I use putty's pscp.exe from a WinXPpro cmd window:
pscp -p -pwxxxx c:\

Typically the programs on the web server have permission 644, but to
the only setting that works
is 777.
Am I missing a option setting for pscp?

BTW-the login allows file copy & delete, but not chmod


Are you logging in as the same user that owns the files on the web

You could also try psftp which has chmod and chown built in. If you're
using windows on the client, WinSCP3 is a decent gui.
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Chuck, Thanks for your reply.
Q-am I original owner? No however, the same problem exists even if I create
the files with the same login, but, come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever
went back and changed the permissions back to the original and then tried
it. Will have to do that to verify.

Regarding WinSCP3: ---->I'll give it a try, although PuTTY in a DOS window
is a simple two key solution for uploading the same file repeatedly which is
my typical use. Another advantage is using different source/destination
file names.


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