Re: Windows Remote Desktop over ssh

Dear Todd,
Thanks for replying. I think I partially solved this problem - because
of your hint.

Firstly I should admit that I am a plain windows user - though I work
on Linux at the University. (University cannot afford Windows - so I
have no option.) I am not familiar much with linux - though I have
used port forwarding to connect to the campus SMTP server - and also
used VNC over ssh sometimes.

I tried your -vv option with ssh - and it reveals a lot of
information. (If you want I can post it here.) From a visual inspection
- it does not reveal that it has forwarded the ports neither does it
tell me that it has failed to do it i.e. it does not mention it.)

I think you may have hit the cause of the problem here - but I am
still not sure. I tried netstat -an| grep LISTEN - and this reveals a
lot of forwarded ports - but not any of the ports I try. So it could be
that my ports are not being forwarded - I would talk to my net admin
tomorrow if I have a chance. I then tried to ssh and forward ports to
the next machine in my lab - but these ports also do not show up - so I
am not sure if the ports really need to show up if they are forwarded
or this could be some sort of a security setting. (I do however ssh to
these machines and forward ports to my campus smtp server - so at least
to that extent I know that port forwarding works here.)

Taking a cue from my smtp port forwarding - I sshed into my home
computer, and then I resshed back into my lab machine - this time
forwarding the ports i.e.

ssh -R 3389:localhost:3389 user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I then
rdesktop localhost -- and everything works. I don't know why it does
not work the first time around.

Thanks for your help - especially your hint about using the netstat to
spy on forwarded ports.



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