Windows Remote Desktop over ssh

I am wondering if someone has experience with Windows Desktop RDP over

I have a windows XP computer at home. Unfortunately this is behind a
router, so with the exception of ssh it is inaccessible to the outside
world. (I am running a cygwin sshd server on it.) I have a Linux PC
outside where I work - and I sometimes need to connect to my home PC.
I am wondering if I can ssh from my linux PC to my home PC and port
forward - then use rdesktop to connect.

What have I tried?
I have read two articles about it at

When locally logged on to my home computer I have started the cygwin
bash shell and tried

ssh -L localhost

Then I tried using remote desktop to connect to
i.e. connecting from the windows machine to itself - and this worked.

(Note: I have Win XP SP2 so I needed to install the patch at;%5BLN%5D;884020

I now logged on to my linux machine i.e. on the other side of the
router and tried

ssh -L Usrname@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I then started
to get ERROR: connect: Connection refused (or rdesktop
localhost:3390 with same failure)

I also tried
ssh -L 3390:localhost:3389 Usrname@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and I still get the same failure.

Lastly, I would like to note that windows remote desktop is enabled in
my windows firewall.

I hope someone has some ideas.