Re: port forwarding and secured connection

Yes, I agree with you, but that does not answer to my question.

I can connect with ssh, when listening to port, it is unreadable.
That's correct.
The problem is I can see login and password between C and D when
listening to port.

But when using forwarding, from a telnet for example, it is never
What's the problem?

Richard E. Silverman wrote:
> >>>>> "titeuf" == titeuf tuti@caramail com <titeuf.tuti@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> titeuf> Thanks for your answer. I reformulate my questions : 1/is the
> titeuf> connection between B and C secured (I mean encapsuled by ssh)?
> titeuf> 2/is it secured in the two ways (B => C and C=>B)?
> titeuf> If answer to question 1/ is yes (should be), then why do I see
> titeuf> TCP between B and C when I listen to ports? Is it a problem in
> titeuf> config file, ssh version, ...?
> Like most connection-oriented Internet protocols, SSH is carried in a TCP
> connection.
> --
> Richard Silverman
> res@xxxxxxxx


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