Re: PuTTY suddenly stopped working (WinXPsp2 to FreeBSD5.4)

Is the router one of these all-in-one dinky Linksys/D-link thingies?
There's talk on the web of them frying for little or no reason, or due
to power outages. (I've lost two in the last month, and they appear to
start with some partially dead mode.)

Check you configuration (they sometimes 'forget' things too; mine forgot
its password and needs a full reset before I can change anything)

Then try a replacement. (Borrowed if possible from a known, working

colmannady@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I am suddenly having problems using PuTTY to access a FreeBSD box which
> I was able to access yesterday and for several months before. I'm kind
> of a newbie who only uses the FreeBSD box for web development. I can't
> figure out what has changed to create this new behavior. My current
> assumption is that the problem is on the Client machine. I would
> appreciate any suggestions.
> On the Server ...
> I get the following error message: "<date> dev sshd[<pid?>]: fatal:
> Timeout before authentication for <ip address>". The Server is running
> FreeBSD 5.4. This is a default installation with sshd enabled and a
> single other user account created for logging in via ssh. I have
> configured several different server machines like this and have had no
> problems until now.
> On the Client ...
> Open a PuTTY session and I am prompted for a username. I enter
> username and press Return. Instead of getting the usual prompt for
> password, it hangs for about two minutes. After hanging, I get a
> "PuTTY Fatal Error" message box: "Server unexpectedly closed network
> connection". The Client is running WinXP Home sp2. I am trying to
> connect not as "root" and am using PuTTY v0.58.
> Other observations / Things I have tried ...
> The Client and Server are connected through a simple firewall/router.
> The Client and Server can "ping" each other and get favorable
> responses. The Client and Server can "ping" an external server and get
> favorable responses. Not only can the Client use PuTTY to access an
> external server, I can then successfully ssh from the external server
> to the problem Server. On the Client I have uninstalled and
> reinstalled the PuTTY software. On the CLient I have done the same
> with WinSCP (thinking maybe there was some weird conflict between the
> two?). On the CLient, between uninstalling and installing, I have gone
> through the registry and deleted any possible residual settings for
> PuTTY (and WinSCP). I have switched out and used different Servers
> (all FreeBSD default installs w/ssh), routers, and cables: no
> difference in behavior.
> During the night, between the days of "working fine" and "not working",
> there was a power outage here. The Client was powered off during the
> outage. I know the router was powered on, and perhaps the Server (I
> honestly don't recall for sure). But as I mentioned before, I have
> tested by switching out different servers, routers, and even cables.
> The only thing I have not changed out is the Client machine (which is
> not an option). But I have tried uninstalling PuTTY and cleaning up
> the registry. What could be left to do?

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