Re: My ISP closed some ports need help!

>>>>> "TH" == Todd H <comphelp@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

TH> "Richard E. Silverman" <res@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>> >>>>> "Chuck" == Chuck <skilover_nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Chuck> nsellers@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> >> Unfortunately I am on a Military Base and the ISP I have is the
>> >> only one available.
>> >>
Chuck> Are you running windows? If so, make sure none of your own PC's
Chuck> firewall settings changed.
>> PC firewalls don't usually block outbound connections.

TH> Windows ones surely do, if they're outside the default profile of
TH> allowed outbound traffic from programs/ports unknown to it (or
TH> unapproved by the computer user).

This statement is true by definition, hence trivial. My point is I don't
think that's a common default configuration.

TH> It's arguably the only reason to consider a pc software firewall.

Huh? Blocking inbound traffic is at least as useful. It's very easy for
uninvited software to get on a Windows box. Certainly it's nice to be
alerted to unusual outbound traffic -- but that's often not going to be
useful, as the malware will often use protocols the user will also employ
constantly, such as HTTP. But you certainly want to block incoming
connections to ports you don't intend to be open.

Richard Silverman


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