Re: host.deny not working

On Tue, 06 Dec 2005 09:08:10 -0800, dscott5912 wrote:

> Yes. I'm sure.

Maybe look in: /usr/share/doc/tcp_wrappers-7.6/README.NIS for some
"gethostbyname" and "gethostbyaddr" that check this anyways ...

Besides have you tryed:

/usr/sbin/tcpdck -v
/usr/sbin/tcpdmatch sshd user1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Another thing i would do is this edit the /etc/hosts.* line like:

sshd: KNOWN@.somenetwork.lan

Which should accept (or deny) any host on "somenetwork" that has an identd
running, then look at network trafic while connecting, with tethereal or:

tcpdump -X -i eth0 -s 1500

(Probably not, but whatever.)