Re: ssh in shell

From: Sascha Kaddatz (
Date: 09/27/05

Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 18:49:27 +0200

Hello Darren,

there was a mistake in my last posting, sorry!

Darren Dunham schrieb:
> Sascha Kaddatz <> wrote:
>>But I wann to redirect this message into a file or variable. Nothing
> What does "nothing works" mean? Do you get output on the screen? Is
> the output file created? Is there data in the file? Do you get both
> output and error in the file?

Yes I get output on my screen, but the rediracation does not work.

root> ssh ... "/etc"
bash:/ /etc: is a directory

root> ssh ... "/etc" >&test.dat
bash:/ /etc: is a directory

root> ssh ... "/etc" >&test.dat" (for redirecting on the remote system)
bash:/ /etc: is a directory

"Normal" rediraction works fine. But when I use SSH to execute a command
on a remote host, it won't redirect into the file.

Thank you very much for your help. Maybe you have an answer.