Re: Port 22 SNAFU? Help!

From: MikesBrain (Mike_at_N.UK)
Date: 08/18/05

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    Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 22:42:45 GMT

    2005-08-17, Responding to MikesBrain...
    > 2005-08-17, Responding to Darren Dunham...

    >>> ssh from P1 to P2 connects without a problem even if port
    >>> 22 is dropped by the firewall, even with the #x# hashed-out
    >>> lines that should (in theory anyway) DROP a connect request
    >>> on port 22.
    >>> Therefore, logically, ssh is NOT using port 22, even though
    >>> it is specified in the config file.
    >> Can you just verify that?
    >> From P1, do 'telnet P2 22' and see if you get an SSH banner.
    > I have whacked this about between the two machines for a
    > couple of days now, and the phrase "That shouldn't happen
    > should it?" is now a reflex action.

    This post brings me pain and embarassment.

    The "reflex action" comment I made there got me thinking
    (some more), so I tested a hypothosis.

    The reason I've been getting such screwy results is because
    instead of restarting the firewall when I'd tried a tweak, I
    was still rattling off the restart for the sshd process
    (from previous repeated tweakings).

    Guess what results I was getting?

    I shall now turn all the pootas off and go and stand in the
    back garden for several days and try to keep still.

    Feel free to laugh. You can't make me feel any worse right
    now. 8(

    My thanks for your prodding.

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    - Have a nice day, it really does do you good! :)

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