Re: possible? ssh-connection as XP- network connection

From: Richard E. Silverman (
Date: 07/01/05

Date: 30 Jun 2005 21:39:00 -0400

>>>>> "BB" == Bernd Breitschaedel <> writes:

    BB> *) For my application a mirror program like rsync would even
    BB> better fit my requirement than a sync program. Unfortunatly i
    BB> didn't succed using rsync with ssh tunneling. (see also my tries
    BB> below) The problem I suppose is, that rsync has to run as a deamon
    BB> on the server as well. Is this correct?

No; rsync simply runs another copy of rsync on the other end to talk to
(in the same style as scp, rcp, etc.).

  Richard Silverman