SSH question -- strange thing happening.
Date: 06/13/05

Date: 12 Jun 2005 20:35:30 -0700

Hi all.

Something odd happened recently.

I used ssh to log in to a server I've set up in my
house remotely for the first time, using Putty. I used
the outside world IP address, which my wireless
box forwards to this server. Putty explained
this was the first time I had ssh'd to the server. OK.

Then, I ssh'd directly to the very same machine
(the server) using the in house IP address i.e.
not going to the outside world but using the static IP
that the wireless router knows for the server.

Here is the strange thing that happened: Putty
told me I had never connected to the server before,
even though I had. Subsequent testing has showed
that nothing is wrong with Putty i.e. once I use
it to telnet to a site, it correctly stores the key
information for it.

Could it be that my ISP is intercepting SSH
connections in order to record whatever it wants?

Or how about someone else?
I had heard that there was some govt-imposed thing
called Carnivore that all ISPs had to install...
some "black box". Could that be what's going on,
that my ssh activity is tapped by such a box?

If so, how do I get around this invasion of my
privacy? How does anyone?

Also I should say, that at no point did I tell my
client machine what the key data was for the server.
I don't know how to reset or enter in that data.