Re: Setting up tunnel across multiple systems?

From: Michael Heiming (
Date: 06/12/05

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    Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 10:23:15 +0200

    In Hemant Shah <>:
    > While stranded on information super highway Richard E. Silverman wrote:
    >> A$ ssh -tA B ssh C
    >> A$ ssh -oProxyCommand="ssh -qax B nc C 22" C
    >> A$ ssh -f -L1234:C:22 B
    >> A$ ssh -p 1234 -ohostkeyalias=C localhost

    > I am new to ssh. Where can I get more information on the above options.
    > When I do man on ssh on my system it does not mention "-t" or "-q" option.

    Strange, IIRC those options are explained in any (open)ssh man
    pages I know about.

    If you are serious about ssh, I'd strongly recommend getting the
    ssh "bible" "SSH, the secure shell - the definite guide", the guy
    whom you replied is one of the authors.

    The second edition is just out (amazon/O'Reilly or so), got it a
    few days ago, had to wait for nearly two month after it was
    announced in this ng.

    Haven't read much, seems to cover lots more about ssh protocol
    version 2, then the first edition did.

    So make sure if you order it, that you get the second edition.
    It got a place next to the first edition on my bookshelf.;)


    Good luck

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