Re: ssh port forwarding for telnet does not work?

From: Unruh (
Date: 06/10/05

Date: 10 Jun 2005 15:17:11 GMT writes:

>Hi all,

>ssh -L 9000:host2:23 test@host2
> -- this statement works and come back asking me to login the

>telnet localhost 9000
> returns telnet:unable to connect to remote host:connection refused.

Why should this work? Have you tried connecting in this way to an sshd that
you know works?

telnet host 23
Trying 142.103.234.x...
telnet: connect to address 142.103.234.x: Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

host is a computer that accepts and is accepting ssh connection.

>Anybody has any idea why port forwarding is not working?

You just told us it was (ssh works)

>I have set the sshd_config:
>AllowTcpForwarding yes
>GatewayPorts yes
>X11Forwarding yes

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