Re: ssh and subsequent telnet, encrypted?

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Date: 04/28/05

Date: 27 Apr 2005 23:38:23 GMT

On 2005-04-27, Peter Petersen <> wrote:

> When I connect from machine A (my home computer) via ssh to a shell
> account of mine (machine B) only to launch telnet to a newsserver from
> there, is that telnet session (since it is embedded in the ssh
> connection) encrypted?

           encrypted plain

> - a telnet which is only launched _inside_ an already running ssh
> connection is no less secure as the entire ssh session

Your telnet traffic is plaintext between the shell-ac and the news server
(since you have not connected to SSH on the news server how could it be
otherwise ?).

The traffic in both directions in the other leg of your journey is
encrypted so you needn't worry about sniffers if they are confined to
that portion. Admins of the news server will be able to monitor that
box all they like - although they might not bother with much.

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