ssh and subsequent telnet, encrypted?

From: Peter Petersen (
Date: 04/28/05

Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:01:06 +0200


I am sure, this is just a simple question for the experts, and it is
rather of some theoretical interest to me.

Or maybe there is more to it:
I could use the newsreader Gnus in order to reach and use an otherwise
inaccessible newsserver:
By using an ssh connection to some shell account and then launching
telnet to the foreign newsserver mentioned above Gnus enables me to read
the foreign newsserver (and also post articles) just like any other
newsserver, comfortably within the newsreader at home.

Well back to my question:
When I connect from machine A (my home computer) via ssh to a shell
account of mine (machine B) only to launch telnet to a newsserver from
there, is that telnet session (since it is embedded in the ssh
connection) encrypted?
In other words: Are the other shell account users (or even the admin)
unable to sniff the data flow between me and the newsserver (established
via the already mentioned telnet session)?

Therefore, am I right when I state this?
- a mere telnet from my home to some place in the world is insecure,
because there is no encryption
- a telnet which is only launched _inside_ an already running ssh
connection is no less secure as the entire ssh session

many thanks