Re: No DISPLAY set in -X Tunneling

From: Richard E. Silverman (
Date: 04/22/05

Date: 21 Apr 2005 21:16:55 -0400

Some of what you've written is a little vague -- for example, you talk
about "the host computer," and it's not clear whether you mean the SSH
client or server (they are both "hosts"). However, two things suggest you
have a basic misunderstanding;

> 2. On the remote machine which is running X I issue a 'ssh -vvvX
>' and am able to sign on the host machine. (These are in a
> router network.)
> ...
> The only thing I saw was that the xauth generate command contacted the X
> server. If it isn't working for that user on the host, I really am not sure
> how this can work.

In SSH forwarding, the SSH *client* is running an X server (i.e. has an X
display). The X forwarding allows X clients running on the SSH server to
use the SSH client's display. The "xauth generate" command establishes a
new X security key for use with this session, and so naturally talks to
the X server to accomplish that.

  Richard Silverman

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