Re: keeping tunnel open

From: Andrew Schulman (
Date: 04/14/05

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:22:10 GMT

> I got mine working... simple fix was to just chown the files in
> /etc/autossh/ to the SYSTEM user. After that, everything worked fine,
> starting it as a system service (with cygrunsrv).
> Now the problem is that I can't get ssh to setup a LocalForward on port
> 139, bound to the local IP (using the instructions located at
> The problem is
> that OpenSSH under cygwin doesn't seem to be able to setup a listener
> on that port.
> Has anyone else had similar problems? Does OpenSSH not even try setting
> up a privileged port listener, even though it's running on windows?

I tried this for a while long ago, but never got it to work. I never
figured out why, but it just wouldn't work.

Eventually I figured out that it's not necessary, because you can use
Unison ( instead to
synchronize your files between the two hosts. Unison will use ssh as a
transport, so you still get a secure file exchange. And it's _much_
more bandwidth-efficient, because it uses the rsync algorithm, so it
only transfers the portions of files that have changed. With SMB over
SSH, anytime you save a file, the entire file has to be moved over the
network, even if only one byte has changed. With Unison, you just work
and save locally, then synchronize when you're done.

Good luck,

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