Re: Public Key authentication not responding to public key?

From: Darren Tucker (
Date: 03/30/05

Date: 30 Mar 2005 07:42:41 GMT

On 2005-03-29, Holdo <> wrote:
> I'm having difficulties setting up public key authentication (PKA)
> between one particular client/server, whereas I have set up PKA between
> the same user/client and other hosts without problem. Ie, I have used
> the same user key to successfully setup these other connections.

You don't say which client or server you're using.

> debug1: Authentications that can continue:
> external-keyx,gssapi,publickey,password,keyboard-interactive

This looks like a debug from an OpenSSH client, however an OpenSSH server
(or at least, an unmodified one) doesn't do "external-keyx".

You may get more assistance if you specify exactly what you're dealing
with here.

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