a couple of question about authentication and encryption and SSH configuration??

From: wld (aaabbb16_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 09/27/04

Date: 27 Sep 2004 03:23:07 -0700

First I like comfirm a "out of topic" question.
What I understand for authentication and encryption for RADIUS
is that 3DES or DES for encryption and MD5 is for authtication.
Is correct?

Today I have read SSH FAQ
For the authentication:
 SSHv1 support RSA only
 SSHv2 support DSA only
For the encryption
 both sshv1 and sshv2 support 3DES.

but i did not see any config. related to 3DES during ssh
only public and private key mentioned.
what is diff. between RSA and DSA?
How do public and private key work under SSH ?
I am trying to login a switch using ssh
the switch generated key as following(this switch can not upload key):

ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBANJVZdo6+8mSeeMRdmJ6SJOVG2P52BdK++uTO0XuwLbUyKXo6cVWALrfVO5SnvS836JQJtdP+BwePED3oS

Key Type: DSA 1024 (used by SSH v2)
Fingerprint: xozes-degut-koroh-ritef-nuvoh-nalam-leguk-tagob-zeros-zygys-poxox

1024 65537 152919549579672429038159167081198131620736321424142483719560090415764116228264011408153096671265569

Key Type: RSA 1024 (used by SSH v1)
Fingerprint: xetop-tezup-gaboh-pebel-rurez-fimyc-kulid-desup-rumiz-vyzog-tixix

It looks like three parts for this key.
2.DSA fingerprint plus a string numbers. (??)
3.RSA fingerprint only

Can anyone explain this key?

I use PuTTY as a client.
How can i config ssh based on above info.

Thanks a lot,
Steven young

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