Re: PuTTY fails to compile using gcc on Solaris

From: Nyssa (
Date: 07/20/04

Date: 19 Jul 2004 16:34:00 -0700 (Per Hedeland) wrote in message news:<cdg2pm$2fdc$>...
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> (Nyssa) writes:
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> >My intention was to incorporate plink in a script as it allows for the
> >ability to prompt for a password at the command prompt when
> >establishing a connection from my host to the destination server.
> In that case I'd really have to agree with Michael - why not just use
> the "standard" ssh client in OpenSSH, it can obviously do that too
> (unless I misunderstand what you want). I could imagine someone wanting
> PuTTY for the GUI/menus stuff that xterm + OpenSSH won't provide - but
> for the commandline functionality I see no point (nothing wrong with
> PuTTY/plink I'm sure, but OpenSSH has "a few" more years of building/
> running on Unix in general, and Solaris in particular, under the belt).
> --Per Hedeland

I'm only familiar with the very basics of ssh, specifically I know
that from a command prompt I can specify "ssh <user>@<target_host>"
and I can supply a password rather than rely on keys if that user only
has a local account on the target host (saves the hassle of having to
administer and maintain keys, especially when we have to rely on
another group to set this up), but that command will prompt to enter
in the password. I don't know if the same goes for scp or sftp but I
don't believe there's an option to define the password from command
line. The PuTTY tools like plink and pscp allows the specification of
the password right on the command line, for example "plink -pw
<passwd> <user>@<target_host>" which makes it simpler to put in a
script. I am fairly new to scripting and given the timeline for the
task I was given, I was not sure if I will be able to learn how to
handle interactive sessions in my script in a timely manner (since
this part is only a very small chunk of my requirements). Of course,
this is not the most secure way and my user may end up insisting I use
OpenSSH with secure keys, which then negates my effort here. But I
wanted to explore all the possible options and be able to present
these to my user/client before starting the project. :)