Re: 2 SSH questions: why does it pause so much, and, can I keep connection alive?

From: Michael Levin (
Date: 04/02/04

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 01:46:55 GMT

Hi Darren -

    Thank you for replying to my post!

In article <>,
Michael Levin <> wrote:

>>I'm running SSH clients on a Mac OSX to connect to a Unix box. Does anyone
>>have any thoughts on the following:

>>1) it works ok to connect, but every 30 seconds or so, everything freezes,
>>and I have to wait a while (another 30 seconds). In the meantime, my
>>keystrokes get saved, but it's a pain in the ass when doing real-time word
>>processing (in Emacs) for example. What's going on? Why is it jumpy like
>>that? The host machine is not busy, and I'm on a T1 line at work, so I can't
>>believe it's network throughput or CPU time issues. Maybe I have some sort
>>of parameter set wrong? Has anyone else observed this sort of intermittent

> Do you have a firewall between client and server? It sounds like you do,
> and that is has a state-table timeout of about 30s.

I believe the server is behind a firewall. Iım sorry Iım not up on the
details here. Whatıs this state-table timeout? Iım assuming it can cause
these pauses; if so, is there anything that can be done to help the
situation? Maybe I can talk to the sysadmin there, if I knew what I was
asking him to do...

>>2) If I open a connection, and don't touch it for some minutes, the host
>>disconnects, leaving me with an unresponsive window - have to close it and
>>re-connect. Is there any tweak that I can use to keep the connection alive?
>>I don't own the host machine, so I wouldn't be able to muck with the ssh
>>server on that side, but maybe there's some trick for making it stay

> Put ServerAliveInterval into ssh_config on the client (OpenSSH 3.8 and
> up) or ClientAliveInterval into sshd_config on the server (OpenSSH 2.9
> and up). I suggest 20 seconds.

   Iım running OpenSSH 3.6.1 on Mac OSX. I scoured the OpenSSH website, and
while they say the 3.8 is out, I donıt see a TAR archive for 3.8 anywhere,
and I donıt see an OSX executable anywhere either. Do you by any chance know
where I can get 3.8 (hopefully executable for OS X, or if not, something
which will compile on OSX)? Currently, thereıs no file name ssh_config on my
system. Is this a 3.8-specific thing, or should there be one somewhere for
3.6 as well?

> Also, run "ssh -vvv" and see if there are any messages corresponding with
> your freezes.

  I tried this; when I first started SSH, it spit out a bunch of stuff
before it logged in. Then I logged in, and no special messages appeared at
all (it did the freeze thing once) - all I saw was what the server system
was saying (I worked in the shell, used Emacs, etc.). Then I logged out, and
it said a bunch of stuff as it exited. How does the vvv work ­ if there was
a problem during the session, would it superimpose its messages on the text
coming from the server?

   Thank you for your time and help.



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