Re: How can I configure to run as 'root' all the time ?

From: Darren Dunham (
Date: 04/01/04

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    Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 01:50:55 GMT

    Jitendra Sharma <> wrote:
    > I want to run scp/ssh commands with effective user-id as 'root' ie.
    > when I execute :
    > %unix breeze<nwkuser>87: ssh NCP2 hostname

    What is "NCP2" there? or did you mean "ssh hostname NCP2"?

    > This command should run with effective user-id as 'root' even though
    > issued by 'nwkuser'. So , once this command is issued by 'nwkuser' it
    > should do setuid/seteuid as 'root' and should look for SSH keys in
    > /.ssh where I creates them.

    Install sudo maybe?

    %unix breeze<nwkuser>87: sudo ssh hostname NCP2

    Or don't worry about the keys in root, and set up the nwkuser with it's
    own key, and authorize that key on all the machines that that user needs
    to reach.

    %unix breeze<nwkuser>87: ssh root@hostname NCP2

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