Re: SSH scripting

From: ash (
Date: 04/01/04

Date: 31 Mar 2004 17:46:11 -0800

my fav way of doing it:

ssh -e none username@host "tar zcvf - /home/me" | tar zxvf -

This is especially useful if you want to mirror a hard disk over the
n/w. most linux distros come with sshd installed...


"Chris Vidal" <> wrote in message news:<c3plss$>...
> I need to grab files off a ssh server on a daily basis.
> I can ssh, then sftp, but I would obviously like to script this.
> Can someone either tell me how to accomplish this or point me to a doc that
> describes this.
> I am ssh'ing from a Sun Ultra 60 OS ver 5.8 to a Sun 880 OS 5.8
> Using the ksh as the default.
> Thanks in adviance for the help
> Chris
> begin 666 cvidal.vcf
> M0D5'24XZ5D-!4D0-"E9%4E-)3TXZ,BXQ#0I..CMC=FED86P-"D9..F-V:61A
> M; T*14U!24P[4%)%1CM)3E1%4DY%5#IC=FED86Q 871T+F-O;0T*4D56.C(P
> ;,#0P,S(S5#$U-3 R,%H-"D5.1#I60T%21 T*
> `
> end

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