Re: CVS without a shell

From: Pierre Asselin (pa_at_invalid.invalid)
Date: 03/26/04

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 21:46:42 -0500

Cole Tuininga <> wrote:
> Hi all, I have a question about cvs with ssh that I was hoping y'all might
> be able to help me with. Essentially, I've got a box that I want to give
> my developers secure cvs access (via ssh). However, I don't want them to
> have a shell account.

> With the shell set to /bin/false, they can't cvs in. Any ideas? Thanks
> in advance...

If the server is on a Unix, try 'man sshd' and read the section on
"AUTHORIZED_KEYS FILE FORMAT". Especially the part about "command=".

I think the command you want them to execute is "cvs server".

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