Re: SSH client -> openSSH server

From: Tsai Li Ming (
Date: 01/06/04

Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 20:45:45 +0800

Is there another way to export the private keys without using the patch?


"Darren Tucker" <> wrote in message
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> Tsai Li Ming <> wrote:
> >I have a openSSH running on my FC. I have generated my RSA keys using
> >ssh-keygen -t rsa .
> >
> >How do I convert the id_rsa and to format, so that I
> >use the windows client to ssh into my FC. I need to keep my RSA keys
> >generated by openSSH so I can ssh into other linux boxes.
> You can convert the public keys with ssh-keygen -e. There are unofficial
> patches to allow conversion of private keys, see:
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