SSH Tunnel Linux<->Win

From: Glenn Kusardi (
Date: 11/03/03

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    Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 01:01:10 +0100


    I want to access my WinXP machine at home from my Linux workstation at
    work. Because of some restrictive firewalls and configurations I only
    have a Linux server to the internet...

    [workstation] -> ssh -> Linux Gateway -> ssh -> Windows

    ... So I thought I could make a ssh connection over the Linux gateway to
    a vnc server on Windows.

    I used "ssh -L 5900:<ip of windows>:5900 user@linuxworkstation" to make
    the tunnel.

    Is that everything I need? I tried that configuration at home and it
    worked, but well I can connect directly too.

    I thought that I need a second part on the windows side too, something
    like a ssh server. So that I establish the connection between a Linux ssh
    client and a Windows ssh server.

    I have cygwin and ssh installed, so I could setup something like that.


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