Re: setting ssh-add environment variables on Windows
Date: 10/28/03

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:46:51 GMT


Julie Bielski <> wrote:
> I'm running the OpenSSH for Windows client without a full cygwin
> environment. Has anyone figured out a way to do a system-wide set of the
> SSH_AUTH_SOCKET and SSH_AGENT_PID environment variables under Windows? What
> would be nice is if you could run ssh-agent from a login script, get
> prompted once for your identiy passphrase, and then have these variables be
> set for the duration of your session and available from each cmd window.
> Seems impossible to do without a full cygwin install and access to a bash
> shell, etc. Someone handy with DOS debug could probably figure out a clever
> way to make this happen.

I haven't tried the openssh/windows client. I use putty on my
OS-challenged systems. That comes with a pagent command which
caches the private key much like the ssh-agent does on real operating

If you can't find a similar program in the openssh client, putty
can be found at:



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