Re: openssh-3.7.1p2 "Nasty PTR record"

From: peter pilsl (
Date: 09/26/03

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 01:20:36 +0200

Graham Vincent wrote:

> Hello.
> I've just upgraded openssh on my server from 3.6.1p1 to 3.7.1.p1
> and now to 3.7.1.p2
> When I ssh into the box it is generating the following message in
> /var/log/secure:
> Sep 26 09:44:23 starship sshd[24746]: Accepted password for fred
> from port 32772 ssh2
> Sep 26 09:44:23 starship sshd[24746]: Nasty PTR record
> "" is set up for, ignoring
> (names and numbers changed due to paranoia).
> This seems to be coming from the canohost.c file in the ssh source
> and hasn't occurred with previous versions of ssh on this box.
> I'm running bind-9.2.2 (on the same machine) and as far as I can
> tell everything is fine with the configuration files. Apart from
> the message everything seems to be working OK.

resolving for the mentioned name and ip are ok ?

dig hostname
dig -x ip

it looks like if sshd has some problems to reverselookup the hostname or
the lookups do not match or so ..


peter pilsl

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