Can a symbolic link affect SSH?

From: Alan (
Date: 06/24/03

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 11:14:29 +0100


I have just installed some 3rd part software on our server but I had some
problems getting it running. It turned out the software was looking for an
old version of a library on our server so someone on their support team said
to use a symbolic link to point to the newer library. Since doing so I can
no longer SSH to our server (connection window just closes) nor can I access
our webmin control panel but the funny thing is it is still server web space
that I set up.

I am running Redhat 7.1
The problematic library is this :
The symbolic link is as follows:-
ln -s

Any advice as to how this might conflict with SSH configuration would be
appreciated or if indeed it could affect SSH. As far as I can tell the only
thing on our server looking for this old library is the software that I



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