Re: Slow connecting process

From: Robert Schultz (
Date: 05/25/03

Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 15:29:04 +0200

Nico Kadel-Garcia schrieb:
> Robert Schultz wrote:
> > No matter which one I log in with, it takes about 25 seconds from
> > entering the username until he asks for my password.
> *THAT* sounds like the classic reverse DNS problem. If your client does
> not have good reverse DNS setup, the reporting done by the server takes
> that long to time out on the reverse DNS lookup.
I am connecting by IP-Adress, so how is DNS needed in this process?
What is the classic reverse DNS problem about?
> > I didn't change any configuration file on the server, as I am not
> > really used to linux and configuration options, so what might be the
> > reason for such slow connecting?
> >
> > The network in between is Fast Ethernet, and connecting to any other
> > host works pretty fast, only this one host shows that problem.
> Sounds like that host's DNS setup is messed up, or maybe that machine is
> so slow and loaded down it takes a long time to exchange keys.

DNS-Setup should be ok, maybe the problem is that the host is not yet
entered on its dedicated DNS-Servers.

> What happens if you run "ssh -v" to the target host?

(from Windows command line input):

C:\>ssh2 -v
debug: SshAppCommon/sshappcommon.c:154: Allocating global SshRegex
debug: SshConfig/sshconfig.c:2184: Unable to open C:/DOKUME~
debug: Connecting to, port 22...
debug: Ssh2/ssh2.c:1956: Entering event loop.
debug: Ssh2Client/sshclient.c:1329: Creating transport protocol.
debug: SshAuthMethodClient/sshauthmethodc.c:137: Added "publickey" to
usable methods.
debug: SshAuthMethodClient/sshauthmethodc.c:137: Added "password" to
usable methods.
debug: Ssh2Client/sshclient.c:1357: Creating userauth protocol.
debug: client supports 2 auth methods: 'publickey,password'
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:496: local ip = 137.193.zzz.yyy, local
port = 4901

debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:498: remote ip =, remote
port = 22

debug: SshConnection/sshconn.c:1889: Wrapping...
debug: Remote version: SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.5p1
debug: Ssh2Transport/trcommon.c:1373: Remote version has rekey
incompatibility bug.
debug: Ssh2Transport/trcommon.c:1376: Remote version is OpenSSH, KEX
guesses disabled.
debug: Ssh2Transport/trcommon.c:1717: lang s to c: `', lang c to s: `'
debug: Ssh2Transport/trcommon.c:1783: c_to_s: cipher 3des-cbc, mac
hmac-sha1, compression none
debug: Ssh2Transport/trcommon.c:1786: s_to_c: cipher 3des-cbc, mac
hmac-sha1, compression none
debug: Remote host key found from database.
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:291: Received SSH_CROSS_STARTUP packet
from connection protocol.
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:341: Received SSH_CROSS_ALGORITHMS packet
from connection protocol.

[25 sec. pause]

debug: server offers auth methods 'publickey,password'.
debug: SshConfig/sshconfig.c:2184: Unable to open C:/DOKUME~
debug: Ssh2AuthClient/sshauthc.c:316: Method 'publickey' disabled.
debug: server offers auth methods 'publickey,password'.
debug: Ssh2AuthPasswdClient/authc-passwd.c:95: Starting password
root's password:
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:259: Received SSH_CROSS_AUTHENTICATED
packet from connection protocol.
Authentication successful.
debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:718: num_channels now 1
debug: No xauth program was found at configure time.
Last login: Sun May 25 05:26:44 2003 from
Have a lot of fun...
debug: SshStdioStream/sshwinstdiostream.c:410: stdin reader thread
starts to read stdin.
/usr/X11R6/bin/xauth: creating new authority file /root/.Xauthority
jags:~ #

When logging on with root or another existing user, it takes that much
time, when logging on with a username that doesn't exist the password
dialog appears immediately...


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