Re: FTP over SSL (explicit enc) - command line

From: bernhard (
Date: 03/28/03

From: (bernhard)
Date: 27 Mar 2003 22:43:43 -0800 (Richard E. Silverman) wrote in message news:<>...
> >>>>> "BZ" == bernhard <> writes:
> BZ> hi all I am looking for a command line sftp client that is able to
> BZ> connect to a ftp server that provides FTP over SSL (explicit
> BZ> encryption).
> BZ> FileZilla supports that protocol, but I need a command line tool
> BZ> that runs every day automaticaly started by an other process.
> BZ> psftp has a nice command line interface that whould be ok, but it
> BZ> does not support "FTP over SSL (explicit encryption)" - or I don't
> BZ> know how to use it.
> sftp/SSH and FTP/SSL are entirely different protocols; they have nothing
> to do with one another. Unless you also need sftp in addition to FTP/SSL
> (which is not implied in your email), you are not looking for an "sftp client."

Thanks a lot for this very good description.
But I still don't know how I can solve this problem.

Is there a program in the putty family that can help me with this task?
Or is there simply NO command line software available that can do that?