Re: Allowing scp access only

From: Jochen Czemmel (
Date: 02/17/03

From: (Jochen Czemmel)
Date: 17 Feb 2003 02:42:47 -0800

Hi John!

Perhaps you could use a shell script as a forced command that is specified
in the file 'authorized_keys'. The shell script could check the automatic
Variable 'SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND', which is something like
'/usr/local/bin/sftp-server' when the users connects with sftp. Just
call that executable again if this was the command, and exit for all other
commands. This way it is not possible to execute other commands or log in
interactively. Make sure that the user can not change the file
~/.ssh/authorized_keys using sftp commands !



John Hetherington <> wrote in message news:<qGq%9.151$>...
> Is it possible to disable ssh access and only allow scp access. It is for an
> upload facility so we don't want to provide shell acess.
> TIA.
> -- John Hetherington.

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